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10:31pm 26/09/2014
  I may be in trouble.

Recently I have developed a small medical issue. One that is either nothing and just a product of me getting a bit older and making a few poor health choices, or it is cancer. I have next to no medical insurance. If it is nothing all I will be able to do/ have to do is a slight change in diet which I have already done. If it is cancer then basically I'm done. Even if my family pulled together over something like that there wouldn't be money for treatment.

Is it bad that I don't want to know? I'm not in any real discomfort it is so bad to want to go a bit longer without knowing? My birthday is coming up, and then all my favorite holidays. If it gets worse I'll go in but right now I want to just believe in the best case scenario and enjoy my birthday. I know that isn't what you are supposed to do... but early detection only helps if you can afford treatment. I just don't want to know yet.

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I forgot this was here   
09:07am 22/09/2014
  I may start posting to LJ more again. Mostly because I don't think anyone else is here. I guess there are things I have to say that can't go on my blog or FB. Also I forgot how cutesie I made this.  

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11:07pm 12/11/2010
  I really feel the weight of things crushing down on me right now. I'm not even sure what to do about it all. i thought this post would be longer.  

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Back on meds again   
10:37pm 21/07/2010
  And feeling worlds better for it. Things have been pretty stable for me. No good news no bad news really, for me at least. My grandma has cancer but the doctors say she may have years left, just that they can't treat her for it again with so many reassurances and her fragile health. There may be plans in the works for me to reconcile with the family though so I may get to see her at Christmas.

I've been mostly on facebook but decided to come back to LJ because I just can't always say everything I want to in a facebook post. Also not all of my friends have the facebooks and I really missed some of you LJers.


Ooooo also I have finally started updating my blog so feel free to check it out. More people reading it might encourage me to keep up to date with it.

I go now, to make chicken and rice.... OM NOM NOM NOM NOM

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I can't feel my parts!   
07:45pm 15/08/2009
  In the dim light of the morning hours, I awoke. My morning routine is normally to shamble around like a zombie until I get some caffeine in me and the to go do two miles. This I did, afterwards I normally either do some work or zonk out before I head up to the mountains to hang out with friends. This I did not do, for today, I was on a mission.

At first glance it seemed I would have an easy go of it, but I was deceiving myself. The clutter was an easy matter. Shifting it out of the way and into more sensible places allowed me to gain some momentum, I would need it. The cage. They say that when you look too deeply into the cage that the cage looks into you. The beast was excited to taste freedom when I opened the cage. She danced around my feet, nipping at my toes. Unable to resist its charms I let it follow me around as I worked.

Now that I was no longer alone on my mission things were looking up. My high spirits did not last long. As we turned the corner into the kitchen we found ourselves outnumbered and surrounded... by dirty dishes. Stacked as high as you can imagine and armed with various odors they came at us! The steam and suds obscured our vision, but they just kept coming. Dish after dish, forgotten meals caked into their surfaces. In the end they were no more; however looking at them there stacked neatly in the cabinet, I knew I would see them again.

.... arg this is fun but I am too wiped to write the rest that way and besides I'd need to get Steven King to ghost write the part with the refrigerator... it was that bad.

I scrubbed all the mildew stains and even scrubbed the toilet seat so good that I had to put a new coat of paint on it because I wore through. 10 epic hours of cleaning but the place is as close to spotless as its ever going to get. I am so sore right now I cant even really feel my legs or my right arm.

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01:18am 12/08/2009
  I'm not sure why but I am inexplicably irritated right now. I'm just really upset and mad at things I shouldn't be. I also have a head ache. I have my day off so I hope that does the trick to get rid of this bad mood. Hope it goes away before I piss anyone off  

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Ellie in big trouble   
08:46am 07/08/2009
  I have have money trouble this month is super tight but I have everything out but the rent which due to a surprize bank fee I am now short on by $1.67. I can't ask brian to wait any longer. I feel like such a heel for even posting this but if there is anyone who could lend me a couple bucks into my paypal it would tottally save my ass. I have a button in my bio. if not I'll just have to beg brian to hold the check.

edit:: crisis overted. I went up and talked to him and offered to help him get one of the empty apartments ready for new people and he is letting me pay the diff next time around.

Ty all <3s

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09:19am 04/08/2009
  Well I just started a blog. I'm too sleepy to start posting stuff now but I have several planned out. Check it out if you want to.


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Happy Birthday MBR-04-Mk XII Phalanx   
04:38pm 12/07/2009
  They're so cute as babies!!Collapse )  

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11:05pm 01/07/2009
  It's judgment day an now we've made our stand, and for now the powers of darkness have been driven from our land. The battle is over but the war has just begun, and this way it will remain, until the day when all are one.  

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08:18pm 01/04/2009
  R.I.P. Krev-Lorne Swath of the Deathwok Clan


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big problem   
01:14pm 14/01/2009
  I stared walking Nemain recently. Just as far as the mailbox and back since she is still getting used to her harness. Now she has FLEAS!!! This is a big problem and can even kill ferrets from bloodloss. I gave her a really good bath and rubbed diluted lemon juice on her and picked fleas off with tweesers and I THINK I got them all. I also vacumed and gave her all new bedding. That wont solve the problem because it only takes one to start back up but it should give me some time. I can use the advantage for cats under 9 pounds and I can actually afford it but I cant find anywhere that will do express shipping. The best I can get is 8 to 16 business days and that is not good enough.

If anyone knows how I can get advantage faster w/o a vet visit that I can't afford please let me know.

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05:54pm 26/12/2008
  Christmas update soon but for now a post comemmorating the very best catwoman ever.

Eartha Kitt was awesome. Rest in peace

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12:08am 25/12/2008
  Merry Christmass!!

<3s to you all!!!

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03:40pm 23/12/2008
  I feel like crap. I am either way too hot or shivering with chills. I may have a feaver. nausia is mostly gone but I have bad heartburn now. A good nights sleep would have helped a lot but Brian is fixing the apartment above me so it has been non stop hammering right over my head allllllll day. Needless to say I have a headache.

Meh I'll be ok but right now this sucks

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06:58am 23/12/2008

I feel so bad, my knee still hurts and now I seem to have some sort of stomach bug.I hope I don't but yeah I feel bad. Thats all for now glaaaarg

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Fail day   
03:33pm 19/12/2008
  First Lauren forgot we were going to hang out. So that sucked. To compleat my utter failness though... I just tried to sign a check with my tablet pen. Like more than once. As in I was shaking it and wondering why the ink wasn't coming out.


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12:16am 19/12/2008
  The year was 1996. My best friends were still Matt and Sham. Sham had given me a mysterious disk and said, "Here play this." And it was STARS!. STARS! in my opinion is the BEST 4x game ever. People talk about MOO and its various incarnations but nothing beats STARS!. Its low on graphics and has no music but the game design and UI are just lightyears beyond any other game. It is also a mostly unheard of game. After my first comp died in 99 I was tottally unable to find it again. By that time Sham and I hadn't spoken in over a year and I couldn;t even find him. So from then till now I have searched for STARS! with zero success. For a while I thought I could have made the game up in my head and that it wasn't real.

Then I heard about a new game "STARS!:: Supernova" and let me tell you I was all excited. So I waited, and followed the news. Then I waited some more... only to find out 'the Jeffs' had cancled it D=. So once again I was w/o STARS!. Until today that is.

Sal found STARS! for me!!!

Sal is the most wonderfull, beautifull, awesome, fantastic, super, neeto, keen, stupendous person EVAR <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

I would type more about how awesome Sal is but I have a galaxy to take over!!

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01:59pm 15/12/2008
  Not that you use LJ anymore but happy birthday Tom!!!  

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01:47am 15/12/2008
  Ok so I know it's honestly really bad, but you can NOT say it isn't silly and hilarious.

An Iraqi reporter threw his shoe at president Bush. The president ducked, popped back up and smiled at him. The reporter then threw his other shoe, wich the president ducked again. After having someone hurl their shoes right at his head what President Bush had to say was, "That was a size ten shoe he threw!"

This is something the REALLY HAPPENED!

Ok so I know in their culture shoes are are dirty and its a great insult, but still aguy throwing shoes at the president!!! That is just bizzar and rather silly

Second, who knew The Prez was such a good ducker!!! I can't wait for the "lame duck" jokes tomorrow. I bet Maddow will have one!! I love Rachel Maddow.

Oh and his responce! I havn't liked many things about Bush but his... well I don't know what it is he has but he has it and I can see a lot of past presidents handling that way worce than he did.

Sure it was you know sort of scary and kinda really bad but the way it turned out lets me laugh my ass off about this so I do believe I will,

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